Specials & Rebates


We have many price points when it comes to maintaining your heating and cooling systems.

  • $79 seasonal tune-up:  We will come out and do a tune-up on your furnace in the winter season/pre-season, or air conditioner in the cooling season/pre-season.  If your system has more than one system, it would be an additional $59 for each additional furnace or air conditioner. (Offer not available on Heat Pumps)
  • $125 one-time tune-up:  This is a one time maintenance visit on both the heating and cooling system (or heat pumps) at the same time. If you have more than one complete system in your home, it would be an additional $74 per system.
  • $198 two tune-up pre-paid Energy Savings Agreement:  We come out two times doing a complete system tune-up on each visit.  Some customers like us to come out twice a year, others prefer once a year.  The price is the same regardless of when you redeem your second tune-up.  There are other benefits to an Energy Savings Agreement that you can find here.  If you have more than one system, it is an additional $100 per system.

We also have internet specials on repairs on your existing heating and air system, as well as specials on replacing equipment.  Please contact us at the office for more information on these offers!


Many of our local utilities and manufacturers offer rebates on replacing old energy consuming products with new energy saving products.  As with anything, restrictions and efficiency ratings apply.

SMUD– Up to $650 for HVAC replacement (financing also available), $100 for whole house fans
PG&E– Currently not offering rebates
Roseville Electric– Up to $850 for HVAC replacement , $400 for whole house fans
American Standard– Currently not offering rebates
Federal Tax Credit– Currently not being offered